About Us

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Why Choose us?

Parivartan is an organization with the zeal to bring changes in the society. In our organization we are focusing on Women Empowerment and their Social Upliftment: her education, her marital counseling, her economic independency, her management and her role as a catalyst for change. Females have been the agent for reshaping their family leading to social changes.

Standard Operating Procedure

Parivartan relies on standard operating procedures to help ensure consistency and quality in Vocational Training Programmes. Standard operating procedures are also useful tools to communicate important policies, regulations, and best practices.

Vocational training programme undertaken by the organization has been done on various levels. The Structure of each project is designed as per the guidelines of the programme.

Our Expertise

Skill Development
98% Complete (success)
Micro Enterprises
75% Complete (success)
Health Programs
85% Complete (success)
Placement Linkage
65% Complete (success)

Our Team

A group of professionals with expertise in planning and implementing, Training and assessment, proposal and documentation with full energy and hard work.

  • President - Ashok Sangwan
  • General Secretary - Rohit Kumar
  • Treasurer - Naveen Sharma
  • Member - Shefali Kuntal
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